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Dr John Durkin


Crisis – Resolution – Growth

Data collection

An online portal for psychological assessments

Providing psychological monitoring over time

Dr Durkin has developed a secure and encrypted online data collection portal that allows for quick data-input and collation and provides almost immediate scoring and referrals.


Dr Durkin sees himself as a ‘Neo-Arisotelian’, a term that refers to the thinking style of the Greek philosopher Aristotle and that is applied in today’s world.

Live in Guardian

John is a live in guardian for major buildings around London.

Stage 28

Psychological Risk Assessment Training Package


Identify known predictors of PTSD

Crisis Intervention

28 days post event

Traumatic Incident Reduction

Reducing emotional charge

Expanded Applications

Resolution of long-standing issues

Life Stress Reduction

Assess, prioritise and tackle an entire life-stress plan

Data Collection

Online portal for psychological assessments

Dr John Durkin

Ex Firefighter

John Durkin PhD was a firefighter for 17 years. After enjoying ‘the best job in the world’ he submitted to posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and saw a catastrophic downturn. He’d sensed that downturn in other firefighters. When two committed suicide he wondered how to stop it. Psychiatrists didn’t seem able because they hadn’t helped him, but maybe he could find a way.

He embarked on an academic career and motivated by the loss of those colleagues learned how to prevent suicide. Now he teaches others to do it.

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Dr John Durkin